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 Addons Recommendation Thread. 
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Post Addons Recommendation Thread.
Can't remember anything of the sort that we have here, so it is time to start one. here are my recommendations, please feel free to recommend the addons you enjoy.

GUI and general addons:
ElvUI - a sleek clean replacement for almost all the normal GUI. you will see some very nice options in this addon, including the ability to move everything, a clean square map, and much more... really i cannot look at the game again in it's normal GUI once i got used to this one. (also includes sounds when keywords are in the chat, including your name, and anything else you want to add... "Aspect" is one of the keywords i use on my hunter for example.

Bartender4 - the ElvUI has only 6 action bars, it is more then enough for most of my characters, but not for Naruko. On Naruko I am using this one to have about 9 active bars, some are hidden until i mouse over them, some are placed convinently next to my healing grid to have simple access to cooldowns, potions, etc..

HealBot Continued - again the ElvUI offers a nice looking grid, but if you are a healer you would still need to use a cast on click addon such as Clique, I however am so accustomed to healbot from TBC days that i would not replace it. it offers some very nice abilities, visually displaying temporary buffs, such as shield wall and the other cooldowns, it shows incoming heals from the other healers and myself, if someone is out of range it shows an arrow to where that person is so i know how to get into range of that one, it is also extra helpful with dispelling. basically it combines both grid and clique, in one extra useful addon, the only downfall of healbot that i see is that it is not nearly as "sexy" as some of the other grids, but i think it more then cover for that with it's flexibility and usefulness.

JSHB - this one is nice for about any DPS class to track their cooldowns, and temporary buffs.

SmartBuff - this one helps you never forget buffing yourself and the rest of the raid with a simple mouse scroll up. I have been using this one ever since TBC, and consider it a must for me.

Misspelled - if English is not your native language and you find yourself making a lot of misspelling, this one works nice with suggesting words to fix your spelling.

HandyNotes + HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures - these two together shows you all the treasures you have not looted yet including draenor rare mobs whom you have not looted yet.

Raiding addons:
Hermes - this addon shows tracks raid cooldowns, Resurrection cooldown etc, I have just recently started using it, but it is very helpfull not to blow my healing cooldown when another healer just did, it also helps me see what cooldowns we have available and when, so i can decide raid healing counters for a raid wide damage mechanic (Firestorm for example).

oRA3 - for readychecks

RaidBuffStatus (RBS) - for tracking buffs on the raid.

wMarker - for setting world markers, and target markers.

Garrison Addons
Master Plan - for handling follower missions, truly amazing.

Salvage Crates - adds buttons on the screens when you are in the salvage yard, also shows how much room you have left in your bags.

Salvage Yard Seller - automatically sells all green items below iLVL X, you can also set it to sell blue items, this happens only when you interact with the NPC in your salvage yard.

Please add your own recommendation, what you are using them for, and so on.

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Post Re: Addons Recommendation Thread.
For raiding as a fire mage, there are two very useful addons:


Calculates how much damage (and how many ticks) combustion would do on your current target, based on your current ignite damage and haste. Makes it much easier to find the right combustion timing.

Also tracks your other DoTs and more accurately shows your cauterize cooldown.


Can make certain events (your imagination is the limit) trigger pop-ups, sounds, or timers etc. to make them more noticeable. Its most important use is with the Arcanoshatter set bonus buff, which is very powerful and easily missed.

Importing this string will make an aura for that buff if you CBA to customize yourself.

Fri Jun 05, 2015 11:40 pm
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