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About the Theramore Vanguard [Read before applying]
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Author:  Kalendra [ Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:20 am ]
Post subject:  About the Theramore Vanguard [Read before applying]

About the Theramore Vanguard

As of Aug 2016 The Theramore Vanguard is no longer formally raiding, and as such is no longer recruiting. There is a once a week raid on every Sunday, for more information about that contact Naruko (Argent Dawn Server).

This is a resource for all who are potentially interested in joining the Theramore Vanguard.

Here you will find information on Raider and Reserve/Social positions within the community, recruitment policy and an outline of raider related rules.
Please navigate to the section relevant to you for information.

Please also read: Current recruitment status and application template

1.0 Theramore Vanguard
- 1.1 History
- 1.2 Structure
2.0 Raiding
- 2.1 Organization
-- 2.2 Raiding with Theramore Vanguard
-- 2.2.1 Raid Times
- 2.2.2 Raid Attendance
- 2.3 How to apply as a Raider
-- 2.3.1 How to apply as a Reserve/Social Raider
3.0 Contact Information

1.0 Theramore Vanguard

1.1 History
Theramore Vanguard is from an old alliance, originally formed by Silvereye, Dun Morogh, Masquerade and other guilds in Theramore. The alliances have a great history and have battled many foes for many years together. They have defeated the fire lord Ragnaros in his own fiery depths beneath Blackrock spire, they have made sure that the lord of Blackrock, leader of the black dragon flight, Nefarian have fallen and never to be seen again. They have ventured into Zul’Gurub to meet face to face with insane trolls and mystic mojo to stop their ritual of powers from spirits. Vanguard has even ventured into the ancient ruins of Ahn’Qiraj to battle the old gods that were trying to influence Azeroth with madness.

When the Draenei crashed onto Azeroth they gained allies to join them through the dark portal and on to Outland where they battled on through Karazhan to end the demon behind the poor ghosts torture fell dead at their feet. Adventure did not stop there as Gruul’s lair was their next destination and a giant challenge to calm the ogres down. No rest for the wicked as they had to travel to Hellfire Peninsula to stop the mad Magtheridon in his lair. The people of Zangramarsh did seek their help to stop the Lady Vashjir in Serpenshrine Cavern while Tempest Keep threatened the lands, Theramore Vanguard had to face the mad bloodelf and make sure he could not corrupt more of the land being mad with power of the magic. The bronze dragon flight requested Vanguards aid to go back in time to help the battle of Mount Hyjal, but the fight was not over yet as Illidan Stormrage was trying to take over the Outlands, a fierce battle through the Black Temple and they finally could make sure that the demon once for all could act no more.

Waking up from a slumber a big attack from the Lich King’s minion the Vanguard had to set sail for the icy colds of Northrend to discover that Naxxramas had appeared once more, it did not take long until they managed to bring down Naxxramas before the old gods once more were torturing Azeroth, off to Ulduar and with the help of the Titans they defeated the evil of Yogg-Saron. Dalaran asking for their aid to help defeat the Lich King they battled through the Lich king’s forces and to finally put an end and judgment to the Lich king atop his frozen throne.

A well deserved rest was given to The Vanguard until the world fell into chaos when the black dragon Deathwing was awakened from his chains, to salvage what can be saved from the destruction and pay Deathwing and his minions back in kind. They battled the leader of the Twilight’s Hammer, cho’gall and once more Nefarian of Blackrock; they traveled to Uldum to bring the crony wind-lord Al’akir down. Then Ragnaros was back with an invasion through the Firelands, but having him defeated once they went on and stopped him once more, but their work was not yet done.

The prince of the Alliance went missing and the king sent out troops after troops to find him, when a rumor of an island hidden in the mists was found he asked for The Theramore Vanguard’s aid, they set out together with the forces of the Alliance to find themselves on Pandaria. The Pandaren was very friendly and even some of them joined the Vanguard to help them battle the Mogu and the Sha. And with their new strength the Vanguard aided both the Horde and Alliance to bring down Garrosh Hellscream and his corrupted heart and hatred.

Now as they rest, they still await for that call, a call for battle... They know it will come, and when it does they will be ready….

1.2 Structure
Theramore Vanguard is governed by a Council who are responsible for all recruitment and administration of the community as a whole. All decisions are made by the Council as a group consensus, with no individual having complete power.

2.0 Raiding

2.1 Organization
Currently the vanguard had decided to take it slow, and not push our members into burning out of the game, raiding had been changed to a more relaxed pace. we are currently (September 2015) battling normal HFC, once we are close to done with normal we will start doing some heroics as well, there is no plan to get to mythic currently.
The Vanguard is a role playing community which sports a competitive, friendly and progressive attitude. The members commenting in your threads will be coming from different areas of the real world and have different personas in game as well, so please remember to read the comments in the best way possible.

We expect anyone that wants to join us to be an asset in the fights we face now, as well as a future member that will help the community grow as a whole.

We value personality and conduct above all else, but please be advised you will be judged on the gear and spec you present yourself in as well as how well you improve it and in what way over the trial period. If there are any if's or buts’ involving your availability or ability to keep you top-notch, then state so right at the start and state why. This will be assessed just like everything else.

To join the Vanguard, the members all had to spend extra effort into finding the right spec, gear and rotation to join this community, as well as make a good IC impression during raid. We expect just as much from you.

We are also willing to help you along. If you have questions or doubts about anything please feel free to state so. We have crafters of every profession available. We have people doing random heroics until their toes bleed. We have people who know just the spot to see all the theories about your class that you could need in a lifetime. Ask, and you will get an answer and help will be provided if you wish for it.

If you feel this is something for you then keep reading!

2.2 Raiding with The Vanguard

2.2.1 Raid Times
We currently raid only on Sundays

Invites: 19:30 
Start: 20:00
Finish: 23:00 

2.2.2 Raid Attendance
The minimum expected attendance is 80% (this has been up from 2/3 due to the fact we have only one raid a week instead of three that we used to have)

We do take into consideration any exceptional circumstances for why you might miss a raid, i.e. illness, an exam. Extended periods of absence for vacation or employment related matters are absolutely fine, provided the individual notifies an officer well in advance. This will not impact your attendance.

2.3 How to Apply as a Raider
If you wish to apply to join the community raid Force, please register on the forums and make your application using the Application Template, filling it out in its entirety and stating in your topic title that you are applying to the force.

The council will then review the application and contact you, either by forum or in-game, as soon as possible. If officers decide they need further information with regards to your application, they may request this on the forum or may approach you in-game directly.

Please be patient, we review and respond to every application, so no need to worry that you have been overlooked or forgotten. If you do have any further queries however, you are welcome to contact an officer (See below for details on who to contact).

If your application is successful, you will be asked to attend a trial with the relevant Raid Force, which normally consists of 2-3 raids. During the trial period, your performance will be evaluated by the Raid Leader and should you be successful, you will promptly be invited to the community and be given full Raider status.

3.0 Contact Information

If you wish to apply to join The Theramore Vanguard, you are welcome to register on the forums and apply straight away, without the need to notify an officer. However, if you feel you would like more information on any matter relating to the guilds or the community, you are welcome to contact the following individuals:

most active: Nakrul, Naruko
less active: Gilora, Gonthar, Strega

Good luck, and good fortune!
Theramore Vanguard council.

Author:  Kalendra [ Tue Aug 09, 2016 2:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: About the Theramore Vanguard [Read before applying]

As of Aug 2016 The Theramore Vanguard is no longer formally raiding, and as such is no longer recruiting. There is a once a week raid on every Sunday, for more information about that contact Naruko (Argent Dawn Server).

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