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 Application: Applying to join the force: Kerrinda 
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Post Application: Applying to join the force: Kerrinda
Kerrinda’s ears prick up and nose twitches.
"Whats happening? Somethings happening."
A priest appears. She bounces!
"Hi. What doing?"
The priest explains that he is going raiding.
“Can I come?”
“You can but you have to ask.”
“I just did?”
She looks baffled
“Not me. The raid leader.”
“Oh ok.”
She waits, somewhat impatiently bouncing on the balls of her paws, finally a shaman and hunter walk in. Kerrinda looks for Effeffess. She has missed her.
“Hi! Raid?”
“Erm what?”
She takes a deep breath and speaking very quickly in a rushed tone starts at the beginning.
“Well I miss playing with everyone and you all seem to have so much fun on Sunday nights and really I was just wondering if I could come? And so I asked priest and they said I had to talk to you."
"Talk to me? Ah no we raid as part of a bigger team at the moment so you will need to ask the vanguard if you can join them."
"Oh" she looks down heartened
“well they are always looking for new members” Kerrinda’s eyes grow wide.
“but but..”
“oh you'll be fine, you will know half the raid anyway”
“hmm ok, what do I have to do?”

Kerrinda is a cat. She enjoys pouncing around, swiping things and then curling up in front of the warm fire of her garrison. She greets friends warmly and whilst slightly wary of new people enjoys being social (shes had a few too many bad pugs – who hasn’t?). Her downfalls – she can easily be bought over with a tasty fish and has a very nasty habit of getting a bit too close to the fire, especially when it appears on the floor below her (though over the years she has learnt that this hurts and is not wise). At the beginning of draenor she found it very hard to get her head around using heals to help her damage as she is very adamant that she is not a tree! Tree’s are scratching posts that are more fun because they run around! She enjoys playing with concoctions in her spare time and making friends with lots of different groups of people in game. Kerrinda first heard about vanguard through other members of KS whilst playing with their cats and even joined you for a few of the open raids that were run before Christmas.

Out of Character information
Please fill in the fields below:

Class: Druid
Your specializations and role: Feral druid. Not the top spec at the moment but a spec i've played since the beginning and the thing that drew me most to druids. My personality is very ‘cat like’ so find this comes across in my roleplay. I do have a secondary healing spec but have not raided as a healer except as emergency. I enjoy the versatility of druids and have picked up tanking / healing off spec should the worst happen.

Gear: Finding gems and enchants strange in Draenor. The obvious choice for a feral druid is critical strike as this gives an obvious increase to DPS – the more often you crit the higher your dps will be. As I say I enjoy the versatility of druids so where the talent choices were not likely to affect overall damage I have tried to take ones that mean I can step in and fill momentary voids (Ysera’s gift and heart of the wild). In terms of glyphs I have gone for a few which mean I take less damage allowing the healers a breather some of the time. I have flitted between glyph of nine lives and glyph of cat form and find for me currently the nine lives glyph to give better balance but if whilst raiding regularly find this isn’t the wisest choice will be happy to re-evaluate and listen to any advice other’s can give. The same with heart of the wild/ dream of cenarius – with my current rotations with in a raid environment it would make better sense to use dream of cenarius but current game play is generally small group or individual play. ... nda/simple

Past experience: I’m a member of Kindred Spirits and have regularly raided through all the expansions with them since Karazhan in BC. Back in wrath I was also a member of a raiding community which other members of the guild were involved in and raided 2-3 times a week.

Real-life age: 29

Attitude: I’m generally very calm and patient and have done some of the hardest grinds in the game. I can’t say I enjoy wiping but I do enjoy that feeling of getting a boss finally after going at it for weeks. I really enjoy the social aspects of the game and enjoy raiding for the joint achievement for everyone in the group. Someone being rude can destroy the experience for everyone.

Attendance: My attendance should not be a problem but I do however have long term medical conditions which could occasionally prevent me from raiding, though I am usually able to at least give warning if this is likely to be the case that week.

Commitment: I’m a member of KS and miss raiding with guild members. Until now I’ve not really been back in a position where I can raid regularly but health now improved to a standard where I would be confident that it should not be a problem. I am not applying to any other raid communities at present.

Sat Feb 06, 2016 5:03 am
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Post Re: Application: Applying to join the force: Kerrinda
"What are you doing out of bed?" the shaman stared at Naruko with a worried stare.
"well hun, there is work to be done, I cannot drop all the work on others just because i'm slightly ill."

"Slightly ill???" Quellar eyes grow dark, "Do i need to get Gonthar again to hit you over the head to get some sense into it, and you get some sleep? Do you remember nothing of the last three weeks?"

"well, I can't see how hitting me in the head makes it better. look here, she passed a parchment to the shaman, this is exactly the reason I should not be laying around." Quellar scanned the paper quickly and her eye grew brighter, Naruko sneaked a smile. "you see hun, good things are bound to happen."

Welcome to the forums Kerrinda, We have not had a druid member for about a year now, and while we used to have an abundance of druids in all forms, we definitely miss all them cats and bears warming up next to the hearth.

Gearwise you obviously need some more work, our raids can help with that a lot, as most of the gear that drops on normal gets sharded lately, but you definitely need to work on the ring quest.

That been said, we welcome you to the community, and to a trial for a raiding spot. I will send you a PM (Privet Message) on the forum with all the required data in order to signup for the raids. :wink:

First, they fight...
Then they run...
and then... they pray.
let them pray....

Personas: Naruko, Nyophix, Kalendra, Pyren, Alenta, Rap, Rosepeak, Icecape.

Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:24 am
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Post Re: Application: Applying to join the force: Kerrinda
Welcome to the Vanguard and the forum!

While I haven't been actively raiding for a good while now I hope your trial goes well and that you find a nice spot close to the fire in our halls.

For the light!

Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:32 am
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