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 Application- Nefertire, Holy/Disc Priest 
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Post Application- Nefertire, Holy/Disc Priest
((OOC: You guys deserve my honesty and truth be told, I haven't RP'd in ages. I play for the raids, the gearing and the non-RP social-ability. This isn't the smartest thing to put on your application, I know but I am willing to RP here and there but not all the time.))
"Not all who wander are lost."
I ponder the Prophet's words as I sit back on my haunches, taking a few seconds rest from healing an injured Night Elf. He had a poisoned wound on his forearm, it took a bit of purifying and a small prayer in my thick Draenic tongue, but he's safe and sound.
I wander but I am not lost. I travel around, trading my faith's services for the spoils of war but even if something is not to be won, I press on. My team members need me. Because of the crash, I was forced to wander. My relatives killed, I made a living for myself. We look for the candle in the dark and clutch it, desperately, to survive.
The candle that is my faith wavers, for I recall back on what I was and the twisting shadows within my heart that threaten to darken me. Fortunately, I only think this for a second because a get a call and I reply by the releasing the comforting light within me, healing my comrades.
The Light is beautiful and I am blessed to recieve such a gift. Never again will I falter on the Path that the Naaru has set...Never again...

((Apologies, my RP is rusty and I'm kind of tired. Please excuse bad grammar/spelling or just a story that makes you want to fall asleep.))
Class: Priest. I have other healer classes but this one's my main. :)
Role: Healer (medic). I actually enjoy healing and find DPS boring as hell.
Age: 15 but nearly 16
Previous raiding experience: (Just in case I've forgotten anything,feel free to check my armoury- link's at the very bottom.) ICC25, ICC10, Naxx10, 4-manned Algalon the Observer the other day, DS10, BT, GL,TB10,TB25. I know when to move from stuff on the floor, I understand tactics and I'm willing to do some background research. I'm mostly top on the Healing Meter and unlike some other players, I do actually click things when I need to (e.g the button when Ultraxxion casts Hour of Twilight). I can heal HC's with no wipes whatsoever and I am currently in a tank and healer team with a friend of mine. I do carry my own water/flasks/Potions of Concentration and I'm willing to give others my spare potions. In raids it's been a tradition for me to either use Orb of the Sin'dorei or a Potion of Illusion on bosses.
Understanding: I'm patient and I don't get annoyed at wipes. I try to help whenever I can and I think of others before myself. Depending on my mood, I'm either bubbly in raids or quiet but I'm never disrespectful. I don't believe in outright nastiness.If I do happen to die somewhere I do not expect a CR and I don't ragequit or rage in general. If I find something unfair, I will talk to the raidleader politely in whisper to say that I have noticed something unjust. I have no problems with loot systems or whatever and I believe you guys are decent people and that rules will be fair. Note: Sometimes I do listen to a bit of music when healing because it helps me focus if I feel like I'm getting lazy.
Gear: I love gearing. My Priest is my online baby and I gear and socket and enchant all I can. I levelled this one to 85 only three weeks ago and I was able to enter raidfinder three hours later because I had prepared JP and HP ready for the gearing process. You'll find my armoury link at the very bottom. (I have 378 pieces because the set bonus was way too good to get rid of. You'll see what I mean.)
Internet Connection: Quite good, actually. My latency's always around 30ish. Even with the MoP pre-patch I had no problems.
Flexibility: I'm good for all nights.
Add-ons: DBM, Recount, ArkInventory because I always lose everything in all my bags. I also have Gatherer. I don't use healing add-ons because they take the fun out of everything. I can also voice chat with Skype,Vent etc...
Additional notes: I speak 4 languages (English, french, german and greek) and my friends are always willing to raid if we don't have enough.
ARMOURY LINK: ... e/advanced

Sat Sep 01, 2012 2:09 pm
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