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 A Humble Home 
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Post A Humble Home
The dark cave stank of sulphur and cooking flesh, who's flesh Kaila tried not to think about. The young Mage stood behind her brother, a tall and powerful Paladin of the light. Together they had fought through orcs to reach their true aim, a dragon!

The beast lay below upon a great mound of treasure, gold, jewels and crowns of long dead kings. It's red skin the colour of blood, the head hanging low mouth open revealing a vast array of razor sharp teeth. The time had come to strike, raising the ruined staff above her head Kalia prepared to attack...

"Tylon, Kalia come home at once, your studies are waiting!"

The dragon, now no more than a small lizard scurried away vanishing into the long grass that concealed the two children. Kalia, frowned dropping her "staff" to the ground and heading home, to her Mother and her studies.

"What kind of wizard goes home when things are dangerous?" her older Brother Tylon had sat down on a large rock, and was now looking down as his baby sister walked home. "besides, Father will be riding by with the other Knights soon perhaps he will take me along"

Kalia was only nine , but even now she could tell that her Brother had made up his mind, and she always loved to follow her dearest brother. She ran back and climbed next to Tylon and waited.

Sure enough the sound of Hoof beats and horns headed towards their little tower of stone, hopping down nimbly Tylon ran head long through the grass to the main road of Darrowshire, leaving his sister to scurry behind.

Finally reaching her brother, and out of breath to boot, she found him talking to their Father who sat atop a large armoured steed.
It seemed she had missed quite the argument.

"Tylon, you're old enough to be my squire now, but you still insist on playing childish games and disobeying your own Mother! What kind of Knight of Lordaeron is that Tylon?"

Tylon's face was bright red and he was clearly fighting back tears "I am sorry Father, I’ll take Kalia home right now"

Softening somewhat their Father smiled at them both "One day you will make a fine Knight Tylon and Kalia will be a well renowned Scholar, but for now listen to your Mother and go home. I have trouble enough baby sitting these Mages from Dalaran" They way he spat the words Mages and Dalaran didn't cover his dislike for Arcanist too well, he spurred his horse and rode on with the other knights and their "honoured" guests.

Except one, the Paladin furthest back trotted up next to siblings "Ahh, don’t worry kids, ye' old mans just a wee bit stressed bandits are showing up again and these mage types...well you know their sort"
The final words said as if they covered some Universal truth.
"Here lad" The Dwarf pulled something from his pack "this is for you, don't be tellin' your Pa alright?" and with that he too spurred his horse and followed his fellow Knights to town.

Tylon held the gift, a Tabard bearing the crest of Lordearon is his hands speechless. Kalia felt left out, pulling at her brother's sleeve she started to whine "Ty, I am cold I wanna go!". He old brother grabbed her firmly and in one swift motion put on his shoulders and started to sprint home.

All the while his beloved baby sister laughed and cheered her new found "horse" onward to home, work and her bed.

And perhaps, just perhaps she could meet those mages.

Edited for some truly shocking spelling.

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