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 The Soul Witch, Pt 2: The Quest 
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Post The Soul Witch, Pt 2: The Quest
A while ago...

Hand to hand combat had never been the young witch's thing. She could use a sword – barely – but if she wanted to fight someone she'd use spells, demons, even a wand was preferable to fighting a foe directly. Still, the ability to dodge an incoming blow was something all adventurers had to learn sooner or later.

As she ducked out the way, she could feel the shockwave of the ape's fist pounding upon the tree behind her. She rolled to her side, and looked up, the hulking gorilla having barely flinched as her fist hit the rough surface of tough bark instead of soft flesh. The witch's heart raced as she started to get up. As the gorilla turned her attention back to the girl, her survival instincts immediately told her to simply run, whilst her adventurer's instincts told her to forget the plan and simply fire a spell, any spell, to stop the gorilla in its tracks and stay alive.

The gorilla began to charge towards her, as she started backing away, thinking of what spell to throw at it that wouldn't end her current quest in the lush jungles of Un'Goro Crater.

Picking up speed, the gorilla rushed headlong towards the witch, but before she could get close, something equally large and bulky crashed into her. The mo'arg Chinilshok, wielding no axe, grabbed the ape from behind, holding it back with both heavy, muscular arms, wrestling the creature to the ground. The witch stopped backing away, and seeing the ape seemingly restrained, unsheathed her dagger and walked towards the ape slowly.

Upon seeing the blade, the gorilla immediately panicked. With overwhelming force, she broke herself from the felguard's lock, tossing him aside. The witch stopped, sighing as the gorilla broke free; “Oh by the Nether!”

She immediately turned and ran away, the gorilla starting to charge after her. Chinilshok found himself only slightly bruised from the gorilla's throw, and could see his arcanite reaper laying on the ground where it had been knocked from his possession only moments before. He grabbed the axe, and with incredible speed charged towards the ape. He rammed the ape with his shoulder as he hurtled towards her, smashing her to the ground. Rhyanna stopped again, hearing the thud. As she turned around, the felguard was standing over the gorilla, his reaper held high as if he was about to land a killing blow.

“No!” the witch yelled, and a surge of almost transparent magic flashed from her hand towards the demon. It stopped in mid-chop, the axe almost about to land on the ape. The ape was frozen in place, having expected death, but instead found itself still alive, and able to escape the demon. Its eyes focused on the source of the trouble, the young woman. It pried itself from under the axe, and eyed her once more, ready to charge.

Before it could, a terrifying roar fell upon the jungle. The gorilla looked around panicking, while Rhyanna simply looked to the direction of the roar, sighing; “Oh no what now...”

The roar was followed by loud footsteps, getting louder and louder as the source of the roar approached. A giant devilsaur, alerted by the sounds of fighting, was charging towards the group. The gorilla, in a state of panic, immediately ran off. Unfortunately the ape's movement became the eye of the reptile's hungry bloodlust, ignoring the girl and her banished demon and heading towards the ape.

“Okay, that's what's now.” Rhyanna quipped, as another blast of transparent magic shot from her hands towards her banished demon.

The demon returned to reality, his axe hurtling down into the mud disappointingly. He looked down, confused, and then heard the sound of the devilsaur hurtling towards the gorilla. The witch wasted no time on new orders; “Chinilshok! Kill the big one!”

The demon grinned; “About time!”

He charged at inhuman, demonic speeds towards the devilsaur. As he finally came to the reptile, he leaped over and onto its back, slamming his sharp axe into the beasts upper tail.

The devilsaur stopped in its tracks, roaring in pain as the axe dug deep into the beast's body. It wasted no time in using its tail to swing and throw the demon off. Chinilshok flew into the air, his fall cushioned only by the heavy foliage of the jungle. The devilsaur, hurting from the wound, stumbled its way towards where the demon had fell. It lowered its gapping jaws, looking to grab the demon with its teeth and bite the mo'arg in half.

“Chinilshok! Out the way!” the witch yelled, as she finally caught up with them. Somewhat breathless, she summoned her magic again, her hands becoming inflammed with hellish fire. The devilsaur barely noticed her at first, but as the demon rolled away from the beast, jets of white hot flame flew across the jungles vegetation and erupted underneath the reptile. He yelled in intense pain as flames danced all over its body.

Seizing the moment, the demon leapt up in to the air, grabbing hold of the beasts neck amidst all the flames. With his axe in hand, he yelled triumphantly; “Time to DIE!”

With a swift swipe to the beasts jugular, the reptile couldn't even roar from the pain as it collapsed on to the ground. The magical flames faded, no fire remaining on the witch's hands. She walked towards the reptile's corpse, as the demon removed its axe.

“It is dead.” the demon muttered lowly.

Rhyanna nodded; “I can see that.”

“Our quarry has escaped.” he added.

The witch looked over the jungle floor. There were clear footsteps made in the ground as the gorilla had run off. She sighed out of exhaustion, as she looked back to the demon; “We had better go and find it then.”

The pair followed the footsteps through the jungle, the tracks being fresh and clear within the dirt and grass. They finally found their way to a small cave, where the tracks had stopped. They took a quick look inside, weapons at the ready.

Inside, the gorilla eyed them, her arms and body protecting what appeared to be several younger apes. Rhyanna sighed; “Oh by the Nether... she must've thought we were trying to attack them.”

The demon appeared disinterested, looking around. He eyed the floor, seeing a large tuff of the ape's hair laying on the floor. He picked it up, and muttered; “Is this what we needed?”

Rhyanna turned, eying the hair. She grabbed it from the demon; “I think that's perfect.”

She turned to the gorilla. Reaching inside her backpack, she pulled out a wrapped chunk of meat. She unwrapped it, and placed it on the floor, before turning back to the demon; “Time to go back to Gadgetzan. Come.”

The pair left the cave, and made their way out of the jungle.

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