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 Of flights and forgotten pasts 
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Post Of flights and forgotten pasts
Of flights and forgotten pasts,

It's been a few months now since Katsumai had finally had her vocabulary damage reversed with the titan technology which was superior in the information department compared to the life technology of the Naaru and of the Draenei themselves. It had created for her a new time on Azeroth, even if she didn't spend it as much with her new allies and friends as much as she had wanted to spend it. The pearl skinned woman sat at her table in her small quarters, hidden in the temple she had long called home. With the betrayer taken down and the temple largely freed from it's demonic occupants the place had started to be used again though sparingly.

The room was small and hidden in an alcove at the base of the descecrated temple. Katsumai recalled her time spend in the temple before the orcs came. In those times she used a room not far from this one to meditate and do her previous, though not her original, job. The agile tail of the female eredar coiled around one of the scrolls she used back then in her room which she had found to be largely destroyed with many of her old work burned. In her hands she held another one and read over it, then put it away and reached back to get the scroll she held in her tail. Once that one was read too she'd add it to the pile of recovered scrolls. With every scroll she read her face turned more sad and her eyes flared steadily stronger. Then finally she found the one she wanted to keep. Letting out a soft sigh as she put it in her scroll case to take along before moving the remaining scrolls back to her old room and to put em away as nicely as she could.

Her hooves clacked softly with every step in the old building which she recalled so well as a record keeper of the population of the Dreanei. Once the main thing she did was add names to the lists of the newborn, even if very few with her kin's lifespan being that of centuries, not of decades, with some even living thousands of years. Passing a mirror she looked at her own soft curved face, gentle with an upturned nose and small pouting lips. To the humans, she looked about 20 to 24 years of age, but the fact was that she already was several hundreds of years old.

Before she was a record keeper for the Draenei who travelled between the Temple, the city of Shattrath and the burial site of Auchindoun, she had a way different job. Before Sargeras. Before the betrayal of the two brothers of the three, back then so long ago. In those days she served her people too as a blacksmith, specialized in crafting outdoor ornaments. For this reason she stayed a blacksmith among the Vanguard, knowing her experience would help her now too.

She tried to recall how long it had been since she had been taken from Argus to flee from the Man'ari who had already succumbed to the deceiver, so long that she traversed the worlds among the remaining Draenei, how often they fled, again and again, only to find home and loose it again in the most horrendous ways.

Yet, all this time she tried to build up a life again and again, succeeding when she had arrived on Draenor, or simply, World as the orcs called it. With fondness she'd recall her life with her husband, who himself was already a mighty guard and defender of the light, he was one of the first among the Draenei paladins. He is the one who tought her the path of light while she herself was more leaning towards the path of arcane.

For years she was happy, she was there when the young Durotan and Orgrim were saved by the hunting party and were led to see the true life of the Draenei. She had good hopes then for an improving future, even if many wanted to remain as aloof as possible to not endanger themselves. In the long run she thought it resulted in the ease of corruption of the orcs.

While she and her husband Melmaak were in the great temple it was that the warlocks attacked them there. She was weak then, a whimpering woman who clung to her papers. Akama he was called, the Betrayers Betrayer now, he saved her and many others even as Melmaak stood in the forefront of the defences, only to be struck down by the demons summoned by the warlocks. The last thing she saw of him was when he grabbed his Hammer of the Naaru and said his goodbye, he knew he'd not survive, but she should.

In truth, till this day she is not really sure on her husbands fate, but in her heart she knows he died that day. She looked to the side to look at the weapon she reclaimed from the Gronn's henchmen. How they managed to get the weapon of her husband, was beyond her knowledge, but she was glad she had returned it in Draenei hands.

Akama saved her, but she did not follow him and his people into Zangarmarsh, no she went more northwards towards the Tempest Keep along with several others to seek safety there. Yet that one too came under assault once the blood elves had mixed in so many years later, that is what got her to land on Azeroth.

"Melmaak, I wonder, will I have to flee Azeroth too?" She stood up and gathered her materials and the hammer, making her way out silently.

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