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 Retired from active duty? 
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Post Retired from active duty?
Staff sergeant Cranmer and his two clerks were having their after lunch nap which came to an abrupt end when someone entered the office.

- Private Hendrics reporting for duty, sir!

Cranmer opened his eyes. Where did they find a dwarf so skinny and with such a high pitched voice? And why on earth would a dwarf click his heels like that?

- My papers, sir! – the intruder placed a leather case on the desk in front of him.
- You are not a dwarf!
- No, sir. Last time I checked I was human.

Dwarf opened the leather case and took out a pile of papers. Something was off. A private with a dossier? And in a leather case. He didn’t like that soldier exchange program. Not one bit. All they ever got was a ton of complaints from Stormwind from humans and the dwarves alike. And they never had a human to come over yet. Apparently all the troops were sent to Pandaria. He went over the documents, reading.

- It says here you are a sergeant?
- I was, sir. Was demoted recently.
- Oh? – asked Cranmer, raising an eyebrow.
- A few days after I came back from Pandaria I asked first lieutenant Walthers how close were his parents related – she answered looking him straight in the eye. She was quite short. Probably hardly taller than him.

The three dwarves burst out laughing. They laughed long and hard in waves, starting over when you’d think they were done. After a few long moments they finally settled down.

- Well, can’t blame you, lassie. Can’t blame you. I happen to know the man. – said Cranmer with a wide grin – Have a seat.

One of his aides left the room and came back with a plate of smoked boar, some cheese and very dark bread. He also placed a rather large tankard in front of her.

- I hope you like beer, we are not big on wine around here.
- Thank you, sir.
- Oh no no no, I am no sir, I work for a living. You can call me Dennis.
- My name is Hemfe – she smiled.

Cranmer continued reading. She ate and wiped the plate clean with a chunk of bread.

- Very well then – said Cranmer putting the papers back in their leather case – Dennis will take you to the quarters we have for you. There should be some off-duty guards there. They will show you around. You are free until tomorrow noon. We need to figure where to assign you. You are the first ever to come on this exchange program. Report here tomorrow at noon.

- Yes, sir.

He reached into his pocket and took a few coins.

- And this is an advance on your pay. I bet Walthers didn't think you could use some money before he sent you to us. You were probably right. His parents must have been related.

- Thank you, sir!
- Enjoy the city and see you tomorrow at noon. Dennis, help her. I am pretty sure she has a ton of gear.

When they left Cranmer refilled two tankards, passed one to the silent dwarf.

- We have been on this program for two years now. They haven't sent us anyone before, saying all their troops are needed in Pandaria. And now they send us this kid. Well she looks like a kid and probably is a kid. But that kid has nearly 3 years of of service under her belt and four combat commendations. Three of which are from our forces. She also impressed the locals in Pandaria by passing the trials at their Temple of the White Tiger. Those stiffs in Stormwind have no clue who she really is.

-I think I have an idea where this is going. You want me to write a letter and ask if they need a recruit? – asked the older dwarf, raising his tankard.

Mon Oct 20, 2014 9:05 pm
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Post Re: Retired from active duty?
well a good read for my morning coco ....

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Post Re: Retired from active duty?
Haha, excellent.

I feel Gilora will like her already. :D

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Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:43 am
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