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 Demon Bones. 
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Post Demon Bones.
The black stairs curled downward, she tip toed lightly downward, another twenty steps, her mind kept going into dark places, and she hated this stairway, she always had a feeling like something was hunting her, the fact that there were no rails to support her way didn't help. She couldn't see where the stairs ended, the blackened stairs reflected no light, or close to no light, another twenty steps. Each step needed to be taken carefully, if she would miss one she will surly plunge to her death. She recited her spell and invocation in her mind, maybe she could try and cast levitate, another twenty steps, normally that would help her get down from any height without trouble, but the magic here was acting in an awkward way, ten more steps, she decided not to test her luck here, though Elune reached far and wide with her rays, she couldn't dump the feeling that even her mighty goddess strength was diminished in a place like this, another twenty steps. The placed didn't smell bad in the way rotten corpse did, nor did smell of bile, but she couldn't help but winch her nose with every pass, the place reeked of… evil, she lacked other words to describe it, another twenty steps, maybe the old tongue had a better word for it, she searched her memory but couldn't find it, she hasn't spoken kal'dorei in such a long time… coming to think on this, she hasn't spoken a word of dranassian for a long time either seventeen more steps, and suddenly she almost fell as she found out there are no more steps. The next part can be easier or worse, depending on her luck. She could either start her march to end up next to Kalendra's door within two steps, or she would have to walk for 10 hours only to end up at the top of the stairs again. She whispered a silent prayer to Elune, hoping to get some guidance, then selected a random direction, and started walking…

From the shadows, a huge bulbous shape started to take form, a whirl of darkness at its feet, and blackened eyes without any noticeable iris, the heavy shadow took a form known as a voidwalker, and hurried in a deferent direction.

Naruko reached the door after a while longer, she smiled with self-satisfied smile. Her goddess light must be upon her. She grasped the iron handle, and knocked on the black door, the thump echoed through the blackened darkness, probably hitting endless corridors, that she couldn't see, nor sense. A crack opened at the door, and she waited for a while for anything more to happen, when nothing did, she decided this probably means she was invited to go in, she pushed the door open and entered the chamber behind it. A scrapping sounds as if talons scratched the floor as the door shut behind her with a heart dropping boom. Well, she came all this way, not much point of going back now, she thought, yet the knowledge that the door was closed behind her made her skin crawl and shiver. She definitely hated coming here, it was no place for mortals, it was no place for life, this place negated her very existence, the essence of her being, for her, life was all that metered and this place had none. She looked at her surrounding, no furniture, the walls were plastered black, but more disturbing was the air, it was heavy, as if with great anticipation, yet when she breaths it in, it felt as if there isn't much air in it, she felt as if drowning, and wondered for the hundredth time, if she will ever see the light again, if she will ever feel Elune warm embrace, ever get to hear the laugh of her people, her friends, oh… her drunken friends… that brought a smile to her face, and she started walking to the simple wooden door that started to form on the wall.

To be continued…

First, they fight...
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